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What's up Everyone!
Our New Record "Vindicta" is Out!!!
Produced by Til All Is One and
Francesco Artusarto (Light The Torch)
We're Beyond Stoked!
Go Get a Copy!
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Hey Everyone!
Be sure to check out this EPK for our upcoming album "Vindicta".
Check our EPK section.
It's been a long time coming but it's finally arrived! Here we discuss the process of writing and recording the album and we also have a few words from our friend and producer
Francesco Artusato (Light The Torch).
We also get into the concept that we employed to represent the vision for our first video/single of the record "Once Like Blood" .
Tune in to gain further insight behind the creation of this body of work.
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Being that the day for Pre-Ordering our new record "Vindicta" has finally come!
Pre-Order "Vindicta" Now!!!
Special incentives for the first hundred to pre-order.
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Much Love!
"Vindicta" Official release date!
Out July 26 2019!
Pre-order starts June 26 2019!
Recorded and Produced by Til All Is One and Francesco Artusato (Light The Torch)
Artwork by Fabio Spinelli
Logos by Roberto Toderico
5/10/19: "Once Like Blood" Video is Here!!!
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5/08/19: What's up Brigade!
Here the teaser for our upcoming video
"Once Like Blood".
May 10th - Official video release.
Mark Your Calendar!
4/26/19: We're so proud to release the first
Youtube  player for our first single
 "Once Like Blood".
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5/13/18: NEW MUSIC OUT TODAY !!!
We are really excited to release our songs  from
our upcoming first full length
"REV", "ONCE LIKE BLOOD" and "UNWOUND" are available for purchase!
Check them out by clicking the Media menu!!!
Officially hot off the presses the highly anticipated lyric video for "REV" is out for your viewing pleasure!
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